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When we first met YumYum, we knew he had found his forever home. We could see that he wanted love, and we had more than enough time for cuddles. Being our first dog, we weren’t sure what foods and treats he liked, so we had to keep an eye on all the ingredients. That’s how we came about making our Lick You Silly treats. Through research and taste tests with dogs we were able to create a recipe that is healthy and makes his tail wag!

When it comes to dog treats, many of them come with complicated ingredient lists and it’s hard to know exactly what your dog is eating. Sometimes less really is more. Lick You Silly has made a healthier, more wholesome treats by relying on ingredients you can understand. Our freeze dried treats have just one ingredient, MEAT!

But just as important as the simple, natural ingredients we put into our treats are the things we’ve left out ― NO artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, dyes, byproducts, grains, gluten, chemicals, hormones, synthetics, or antibiotics. That’s just a really long way of letting you know that our treats are safe for any dog, even the ones with the most sensitive stomachs. Your devotion to your dog is why we do what we do, and we want to say thanks.

Our First Testimonial! 

“I’m Yum-Yum, an energetic rescue puppy that was abandoned in a box on the corner between the streets of Love and Happiness. I’m cuddly cute and can’t imagine why anyone would have abandoned me. I have an orange fuzzy coat that shines bright even in the dark, especially when I get excited! I think it’s so cool that I’m a little different, but it makes me special and my new family loves me just the way I am.

Once I got to my new home, I got a good bath and boy-oh-boy, do I absolutely love bubbles. I tried to eat one, yuck! I quickly found out that they don’t taste very yummy, but they sure are fun to play with. I also get to play catch outside and roll around in the grass with all my new family’s kids. I’m called Yum-Yum because whenever I get a Lick You Silly treat, they say my coat starts to glow so bright that I light up the room! I can’t help but say yum, yum, yum each time. They say my tail wags so fast I begin to float right off the floor. I just cant help it! I LOVE my wholesome, all-natural, Lick You Silly treats!

I love my new home and my new loving family. When my family gave me my first treats they said, “YumYum, it’s pretty simple…We love you, and want what’s best for you because we want the best for our family.”

That’s why a portion of the Lick You Silly proceeds are donated to pet shelters, so other dogs can find forever homes just like ours.

XXOO paw


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