15 Best Dog Blogs to Follow

You often hear a dog being described as “man’s best friend,” but the truth of the matter is that a dog will be friends with anyone who gives him the love and attention that he desires. People love dogs, and there are thousands of blogs out there devoted to breeds, training tips, and the lives of individual pooches who do things more adventurous than the average human. If you love dogs, you will probably love reading about them, so let’s take at some blogs for dogs that are well worth your attention:

  1. All Things Dog BlogThis is a blog that has everything an owner could ask for. It is jam packed with advice on how to keep your dog happy, as well as being home to reviews for dog accessories for small dogs, and pooches of all sizes. A fantastic resource for any dog owner.
  2. That MuttIf you are new to owning a dog, and need advice on training him, this is a great site to start with. Fantastic tips and tricks that will help you have well behaved dog.
  3. Slim Doggy – A healthy dog is usually a happy one, and keeping him healthy means making sure that he gets the right things to eat on a daily basis. Slim Doggy is filled with articles about nutrition and doggy health that every owner should read.
  4. Something Wagging This Way ComesThis is a blog written by a loving dog owner for other loving dog owners. It’s a cross between adventure tales and sound doggy advice, such as finding dog houses for large dogs. Cute and fun, but also informative.
  5. Kol’s NotesLabeled as a DIY site for dog owners, Kol’s Notes shows you how to create your own treats, accessories, and dog supplies for small dogs. The tips listed on this site may save you a nice chunk of change.
  6. Bongo Dog BlogBongo is a dog who loves to go on adventures, and who also loves to bark about them afterwards. We assume his human helps with the writing part.
  7. The Misadventures of MisakiA British based blog about an Alaskan Malamute, where you will find stories, reviews, and a bunch of other cool stuff.
  8. BarkBox Subscription boxes are all the rage at the moment, so why not get your dog in on the action. A monthly box filled with toys and treats that your dog is sure to love. Your customers would love YumYum Puppy in their boxes! hint, hint 😀
  9. Pawsome BoxWe realize that dog lovers are found all over the world, so here is another subscription box option. This is similar to BarkBox, but is for dog owners in the UK.
  10. The Poodle and Dog BlogIf it’s stories about everyday dogs doing cool and wonderful things, then this is the blog for you. We dare you to read just one story and leave, as it’s impossible.
  11. 2 Brown Dogs BlogDog owners who love to go hunting with their 4-legged friend will get a real kick out of this blog. Some great pictures in there too.
  12. Tales and TailsThis blog is updated on a very regular basis, but it never feels like filler. The stories are great, and the pictures are amazing.
  13. BZ DogsFans of golden retrievers are going to love this blog, as it features stories and pictures of two of the cutest you have ever seen.
  14. My Brown Newfies – This is more than just a personal blog about life with dogs. It also has news, reviews, and a host of articles that dog owners will find informative and entertaining.
  15. Blog PawsInterested in starting your own dog blog? Blog Paws is perhaps the best resource of its kind for people looking to take their dog ownership experience to the internet.

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